15 tips for Creating Star Trails:

Vincent Knaus, Photographer

1. Using a tripod or some other way of mounting your camera to keep it absolutely still is a must for creating star trails.
2. Also, be sure you bring the quick release mounting plate, if your tripod requires one, with you and your tripod to the location. I left the mounting plate at home once, while the tripod was in the back of the car. Since then I carry a spare mounting plate in my camera bag.
3. Bring a flashlight (aka torch), cell phone, something, anything that emits a good amount of light. You will want to look around on the ground before you leave to see if you have dropped anything. A red filter on a torch comes in handy to keep your night vision in tact so your eyes don’t have to readjust to the darkness.
4. Scout your location when ever possible during the day…

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